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Hi, I'm Jackie

I work with Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business Owners and CEOs who struggle with Substance Abuse and Addictions.

I specialize in the most difficult area that affects millions of people – addiction to substances such as tobacco, alcohol, cocaine and other street drugs. I believe there’s a real need to help people struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Over the years, I have developed a method for dealing with addictions and I get consistent results.

I help my clients set very powerful and measurable goals and achieve them much faster than they could on they own. We use hypnosis to change mental scripting so your goals are achieved quickly!

Just a few of my areas of expertise include: drug & alcohol addiction treatment & recovery, quit smoking, stress relief, anxiety, depression, weight loss, and anger management.



"Smoked Nearly 30 Cigarettes a Day for 18 Years... Quit After ONE Session!

I hated being who I had become, I smoked nearly 30 cigarettes a day for 18 years. I smoked doing everything and I thought that I would never quit. I was terrified of quitting and feeling sick from withdrawals and having to deal with all the horrible things associated with quitting smoking. My Aunt told me how she had quit using hypnosis and I was intrigued… I had never tried to quit before I went for my session with Jackie. The Session was relaxed and very nice, in fact I didn’t even feel like I was under hypnosis it was just me laying back relaxing. But what was amazing was when I woke from my ‘sleep-like’ state I was a non smoker and I will never smoke again. It is quite incredible…I truly call it a miracle and I thank you again Jackie.”
John Ferguson
Smoker: 30 cigarettes a day for 18 years.