COVID-19 Update

Due to Provincial & Federal Government recommendations regarding social distancing, we currently are not offering in-person sessions.  All our sessions are being conducted virtually/on-line via Skype, Phone or Zoom.

Did you know that Virtual Hypnotherapy Sessions
are just as effective as in-person sessions?

I’ve been practicing Hypnotherapy in person as well as virtually/on-line for 15 years and the rewards my clients have received are as beneficial as an in-person session.  They have successfully Quit Smoking, Stopped Drinking Alcohol, Quit their Cocaine habit, Lost Weight amongst other changes they’ve made..

The Advantages Of Online/Virtual Hypnotherapy

  • I work with clients worldwide and in your time zone.
  • Savings in travel time.
  • Savings in overall therapy costs – you avoid paying parking fees, fuel costs and maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Opportunity to enjoy the hypnosis session from the comfort of your home.
  • It’s ideal for those living in remote areas.
  • It offers total privacy as some people are too embarrassed to visit a local therapist.
  • It Provides Easy Access For All – those who might be unable to attend a traditional office setting. They could be disabled, house-bound, or suffering from other physical or mental illnesses, those with limited mobility and clients without convenient transportation options. Even clients who are immune compromised or quarantined.

What you will need for your session…

  1. A quiet room where you won’t be disturbed by pets, phone calls or other people.
  2. Stable internet connection (ideally WiFi as video can use up substantial amounts of mobile data)
  3. Computer or laptop with video capabilities (a phone or tablet can be used but will need to be set up in such a way that you won’t have to hold it)
  4. Headphones: Audio quality is best when headphones are used. However this is not a necessity.
  5. A comfortable place you can sit or lie down undisturbed.

To book your session, please contact me at 604.551.4986 or