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Quit Smoking Today!

Tobacco is Classified as a “Gateway” Drug The American Lung Association states that adolescents (12-17 years old) who reported having smoked in the past thirty days were three times as likely to use alcohol, eight times as likely to smoke marijuana, and twenty-two times as likely to use cocaine, within that time period than adolescents who have not smoked tobacco in the past thirty days. Tobacco is classified as a “gateway” drug and therefore adolescent smokers are more likely to begin drinking alcohol and using illicit drug than non-smoking adolescents. While smoking tobacco the smoker will feel a “high” such as a tingly feeling, feeling light headed, and/or feeling more relaxed. This “high” does not last for long and as the smoker becomes addicted they are smoking so much that they do not feel any pleasure in smoking. Therefore this leads to the adolescent drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, using cocaine, and other illicit drugs. Recently posted on Facebook:

THANK YOU, for helping me become SMOKE FREE AFTER 27 YRS. I have been smoke free now for over 3 months and haven’t had a craving that I couldn’t get past. Jackie has helped me do something that I thought was no hope at all. In 1 session, I have stopped smoking without the harsh withdrawals, or crankiness. I have told everyone that knows I QUIT SMOKING in 1 session with the help of Jackie and the power within.

I just wanted to say another thank you for doing the work you do. I went out last night and many people around me were smoking and I didn’t feel the temptation to join them. I just wanted to share that I was appreciating you. It’s lovely to be a non smoker. 🙂 Many thanks and blessings

The Physical Habit

The physical addiction of nicotine is actually quite mild. People often have self fulfilling beliefs about how addictive tobacco is and how difficult it will be to give up. Therefore the first part of the therapy is aimed at correcting the client’s beliefs about how easy it is give up, and giving the client post hypnotic instructions about how they will feel after they throw away their cigarettes.

This is reinforced by teaching a replacement behaviour. Psychology studies show if an existing behaviour is associated with a new physical behaviour, the old behaviour rapidly goes into extinction, and the desire to do that behaviour fades away as well. So this part of the treatment consists of teaching you a new physical response to use any time the desire to smoke occurs. This new response gives you something to do with your hands, it takes the place of the cigarette until the link between stress and reaching for a cigarette is broken, and then the behaviour fades away with disuse.

Beliefs about smoking

The second part of the therapy focuses on your beliefs about the role that smoking plays in your life. Smokers often are convinced that they cannot relax without a cigarette, or that their best ideas only come when smoking, and other self justifying beliefs. In extreme cases clients believe that smoking defines who they are, and that quitting smoking somehow will diminish them. These beliefs are removed with a mixture of direct hypnotic suggestion and metaphor therapy.

Situational Triggers

For the long term smoker, all sorts of situations have become associated with smoking. Most smokers tell themselves that they enjoy a cigarette after a meal, with a drink, to give themselves a break. These are all highly charged situations and the smoker has created powerful conditioned responses to these.

Hypnosis is used to create new mental associations with meals, breaks, coffee, driving – whatever it is that the ex-smoker associates with smoking.

By using this three-part approach smoking gets beaten for ever.

What can I expect to receive from The Power Within Hypnotherapy?

Here is an overview of The Power Within Tobacco Buster Program.

The Power Within ‘Become Tobacco FREE in ONE Session… The Drug Free Way’ with Cutting Edge Therapy:

The Tobacco FREE session lasts for about 1 hour when you will be Tobacco FREE at the end of the session; when you book a session you must truly commit to being a Tobacco FREE.

Being Tobacco FREE gives you increased energy & vitality and family members do not run the risk of being second hand smokers. When nicotine is flushed out of your system, you will soon experience dramatic changes – breathe easier, restful sleep, release tension, stress, anxiety, increased energy, improved memory and much more. You will encounter feelings of rest, serenity, peace and overall general well-being to enjoy life to the fullest. You will take control of your life!

Over 88% of my clients are Tobacco FREE in ONE session; this is because I only work with those who are absolutely committed to their health. If required, a second complimentary session is available within a 15 day period.

Included in THE POWER WITHIN ‘Become Tobacco Free’ Program:

  • Hypnotherapy Session – 60 min. approximately.
  • 15 min. Telephone Coaching – calls will be scheduled on your request
  • Unlimited access by Telephone and Email

The POWER WITHIN Tobacco Free Program covers:

  • Learn Powerful Self Hypnosis Techniques to use in your everyday life
  • Learn other Powerful Techniques to help you reach a state of relaxed alertness
  • The Amazing Power Breath (Piko Piko is a Hawaiian Shaman breathing technique)
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Gentle stretches

Here are some of the benefits of being Tobacco FREE…

  • Deal with stress in healthier ways: Learn to cope with life’s situations
  • Improve relationships: Have a new sense of connection and intimacy with your husband or wife, your parents, your children, and with yourself
  • Reduce anger: Get angry less often, less intensely and eventually not at all
  • Clarity: Act more intelligently and effectively
  • Energy: Experience a new sense of vigor and well-being
  • Peace: Learn how to love what is, and find lasting inner peace

These are the changes you will experience…

  • rapid recovery from trauma
  • increased self confidence and self esteem
  • improved memory
  • restful sleep
  • increased energy and vitality
  • encounter feelings of rest, serenity and peace

Your investment pays for itself very quickly, in most cases within 4 weeks, when you account for the cost of cigarettes and the cost to your health.

If you are absolutely committed to being completely free from this addiction… book now by emailing me with your preference of:

  1. Location (Langley or on-line via skype)
  2. Time (morning, evenings or Saturdays)


– Jackie