This is My Why…!!

My big dream is to have a Jackie Maclean Foundation with the head Office in the heart of downtown Vancouver. What that would look like for me is to have a wellness centre in every village, in every town, in every city in the world.

Each wellness centre has many wonderful offerings to assist people be the best they can be. These services are: Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Massages, a restaurant with a large outdoor patio where people enjoy fresh raw food and fresh organic food and the Sunrider live enzyme whole foods.

Here’s why I have this big dream…

I grew up in Bombay (Mumbai, India.

My father was an alcoholic. He was one of many children born in a village in one of the southern states of India. There was no love in his family and that translated to ours. My mother was kind and loving, not much education (perhaps only a grade 4 education)….I remember her as fearful, always afraid of my father.

There was no love in our family either.. What I got as a child was we live in a competitive world, we must compete with each other – neighbours, siblings, relatives, colleagues.

I always loved my father and I craved his attention. I looked up to my father in wonder, comparing him to my peers’ dad and thought how amazing and wonderful he was.  As a young child, that’s what I saw.

Now looking back, through the eyes of the adult, I see him as a coward, a bully, judgmental, timid, afraid. He used alcohol to numb his pain. I had a brother and two sisters. My brother, Stephen, 18 months my junior, followed in my father’s footsteps. He could only survive day after day only with the ‘help’ of alcohol. He finally succumbed at age 36.

Food was often rationed in my family, hygiene was not at the top of the list of priorities..

My father had a great expectations for us and wanted us to succeed. He was living his dreams through his children…I know that now.

I married early…at age 19. I wasn’t ‘getting married’ – I was jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

My father wanted me to be married off so I was no longer his responsibility. I was running away…Yes, it was mutual. What I didn’t know was that I was jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Today, I offer people (those who are ready!), the opportunity to TRANSFORM their lives just like I did mine.  I get you to the place you want to be in a very short time.

I see miracles all the time and I know this is my calling…

Because my father and brother were alcoholics….I’ve witnessed  hundreds of people making change by getting off addictions – alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, food, and much more.

Because my husbands left me (one through death, the other through divorce) and I was single mum for years….I help people release, for good, their anger, rage, hurt and emotional pain.

And because I was always hungry…I teach people the value of nutrition and the benefits of the Sunrider live enzyme whole foods.

Now, you know why I do what I do.

This is My Why.. What is YOUR why?


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